Turbine Pumps

Turbine pumps come in an array of sizes & combinations, made to suit a specific duty. They predominantly use ‘mixed flow’ style impellers & can be either single stage or assembled with multiples of stages to increase pressures according to the duty. Single stage turbine pumps use mostly ‘Axial flow’ style impellers where large flows at low heads are required.


These pumps have very poor suction performance and must be either submerged or installed in a pressurised velocity tube to ensure high NPSHr values are met. They can be either mounted with a specialised submerged motor for typical bore hole applications or shaft driven by a surface mounted motor for shallow wells & sumps.


Turbine pumps are also used in Hydroelectric systems when used in reverse, can efficiently produce enough torque to run generators & produce electricity.

Stevco Turbine Pump

Common brands serviced include;


Bell & Gossett, Seoca, Flowserve, Goulds, Sulzer, SPP, Southern Cross, Everflow, KSB, Franklin, Hydroflo, Stirling, Paterson, Peerless, Macquarie, Layne Bowler, Pomona, Stalker and Flowmax.