Self Priming Trash Pumps

These pumps are designed to move solids laiden waste water, particularly large solids suspended in the flow & offer ease of access to clear any chokes.


They also offer excellent suction lifts & can reprime the suction leg without the need for a foot-valve.


Available is sizes from 50mm to 300mm and flows exceeding 750m3/Hr

Stevco Self Priming Trash Pump
Stevco Self Priming Trash Pump
Stevco Self Priming Trash Pump


Doesn’t require a foot-valve to prime


Ease of maintenance & service with no special tools


Easy access to clear chokes


Once correctly set up, become very reliable pumps


Many manufacturers available nowadays with good parts interchangeability


Generally low heads


Pipework layout is fundamental to reliable operation


Short suction line with little to no horizontal lengths


Body must be initially primed


Low efficiencies


‘Stringy’ material does get caught up in impeller

Common brands serviced include;


  Pioneer, Gorman Rupp, Varisco, Wemco WSP, Gresco, Smoothflo, Southern Cross, Davey, Remko, Suoto, Griffin, Cornell, Titan, Paco, Berkeley, Wacker Neuson, Hisco, Summit Pumps, Godwin, Ebara, Maxflo pumps, Gator Pumps