Piston and Plunger Pumps

These pumps are capable of extremely high pressures typically demanded from moving either high viscosity mediums like peanut butter & Silicone or high pressure jetting applications such as pressure cleaning & even profile cutting metals & ceramics.

Hand Pump Animation
Stevco Piston Pump


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Extremely high pressures


Flow can be easily controlled via speed


Pressure changes do not impact flow rate or pump balance


Piston pumps can tolerate entrained gas


Stainless versions for FDA approval


Air operation in very low stroke rates will tolerate high viscositiesP


Positive inlet feed pressures required with higher speeds / viscosities


Wear extremely quickly with abrasive fluids if speeds are not kept very low


Usually limited to clean thin liquids above 50 strokes / minute

Common brands serviced include;


FMC, Bean Piston Pumps, CAT Pumps, Ajax, Geho, Southern Cross, Graco, Windmill Pumps, Harben, Cenco, Myers, Ingersoll Rand, Ruhrpumpen, Lewa.