Submersible Waste Water Pumps

In todays market, there is a complete range of Submersible Centrifugal Pumps to cover almost every application, from simple dewatering to the abrasive mine tailing slurries.


Waste & drainage water removal consumes the majority of this market, with impellers designed to cater for medium to large volumes that can process 75mm spherical solids without choking.

Whilst the flows & heads available from submersible pumps vary considerably, the majority of Waste or Dirty Water pumps are designed for Low heads.


They typically reside in putrid environments that WHS acts prohibit entry to so making them survive is paramount.

Ask to talk with one of our pump engineering team for a solution to getting this often difficult application sized correctly.


No intake plumbing required.


No priming of the suction line required.


Compact & space saving installation.


Quiet - No noises heard.


Visually aesthetic with no pump or pipework seen.


Available with grinders, cutters & pre mixers to deal with suspended solids.



Minor issues go unnoticed as they cannot be seen or heard.


Higher capital costs.


Higher repair costs.


Often the identification labelling cannot be read or found when removed.


Generally limited to 50oC without special modifications


Low Budget versions do not cope well with continuous operation

Common brands serviced include;


Standart. ITT Flygt, Grundfos, Lowara, Tsurumi, Toyo, Ebara, Sakuragawa, ABS, Sulzer, KSB, Forrers, Homa, Calpeda, Wilo, Grindex and Vortex.