Progressive Cavity Pumps

This pump principle works something like a corkscrew where a helical shaped rotor rotates within a double helix elastomeric stator.   The rotor seals tight against the stator helix lip as it rotates forming a string of cavities in between where the fluid is moved in a continuous motion and relatively free from pulsation. This allows for moving abrasive slurries at low volumes to medium & high heads. Also due to its ‘gentle’ type action, adapts well to moving delicate media such as soups & yoghurts and thixotropic materials where shearing is to be avoided.

Stevco Cavity Pump Gif


Self Priming


Low Pulsation


Can pass solids


Can process air with the liquid


Few moving parts


Low flow rates at Pressures to 24bar


Good for dosing viscous additives


Lower speeds for abrasive liquids


Low service requirement


Readily available spare parts


Limited flow rates


Will not tolerate operator misuse


Expensive to repair


Expensive for materials other than standard irons


Limited fluid temperatures with special modifications required

Significantly larger than comparable options of similar duty


Life dependant on operating speed.





Common brands serviced include;


Mono, Southern Cross, Netzsch, Allweiler PCM, Seepex, Sulzer, Flowrox, Roper, Monoflo, Moyno, Inoxpa, Wangen, Roto, Bornemann and SPX.