Peristaltic Pumps

These are also know as ‘Hose’ pumps & are a simple flexible hose inside a circular casing that is progressively ‘squashed’ by a rotating shoe or roller.  The fluid inside the hose is forced along the hose to the discharge end much like squeezing toothpaste from a tube.


They are relatively simple pumps that have been known to outperform progressive cavity pumps moving abrasive liquids.

Peristaltic Pump Operation Gif


Self Priming


Can pass solids


Can process air with the liquid


Few moving parts


Low flow rates at Pressures to 12bar


Good for dosing viscous additives


Lower speeds for abrasive liquids


Low service requirement


Many hose types for good chemical compatibility


Relatively easy to repair


Limited flow rates


Will not tolerate operator misuse


Hoses are Expensive with little inter brand compatibility


Limited fluid temperatures with special hoses required


Hose Life dependant on operating speed.


Expensive in larger sizes



Common brands serviced include;


Bredel, Graco, Watson Marlow, Reddit, Verderflex, Raggazini, and Prominent.