Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are the most user friendly pumps available, handling a wide variety of liquids from waste waters to corrosive chemicals.


They have no seal so can run dry, can process entrained air,

Self-prime easily & are very simple to use.

Stevco Diaphragm Pump
Stevco Diaphragm Pump


Ease of use


Handle low to medium viscosities & sludge’s


Medium Pressures


Variety of construction materials for dealing with corrosive liquids


Fairly reliable & tolerate operator misuse


Easy to repair


Low service requirement


Process entrained air


Self Prime


Low flow rates


Temperatures limited to around 80oC


Higher operating costs due to cost of air


Complicated to automate operation




Common brands serviced include;


  Graco, Iwaki, Yamada, Wilden, SPX, Almatec, Sandpiper, ASM, ARO -  Ingersoll Rand, Pumps 2000, Versamatic, Blagdon