Process Pumps

Process pumps conform to particular standards as designated by the application process requirements.  They are generally all widely available in exotic materials such as Hastelloys, duplex stainless steels, complex alloys & engineered plastics.


They also allow the ease of fitting a specialised range of sealing arrangements equal to the extreme requirements of the pump  & generally have heavy duty drive ends to withstand the extra loads they are often exposed to.


A leading example is the  API610 standard for Hydrocarbon processing plants and refineries where leakage safeguards & increased MTBF’s are necessary

Stevco Process Pump


International standards to suit application specific environments


Universal glands to accept specific duty cartridge seals


Available in many engineered materials


Larger Heavy duty bearing frames


Greater performance envelope per pump & more tolerant of operation outside of BEP


Adapts more easily to varying chemical & petrochemical liquids


Wear clearances can be adjusted externally without the need to strip the pump


Considerably more expensive than standard end suction pumps


Longer delivery lead times in Australia due to stocking cost limitations


Sealing design is complicated and expensive when using in elevated temperatures, high & low pH fluids, abrasive liquids, & high pressures.

Common brands serviced include;


  Goulds, Flowserve, Durco, Summit, Egger, Hisco, Rotech, Sulzer, Griswold, Robuschi, Springer, Kirloskar, Ruhrpumpen, KSB, Phoenix