Dosing / Metering Pumps

Manufacturers of most positive displacement pump types offer scaled size versions for use with small flow dosing applications. The most common types are the many versions of Diaphragm pumps driven from hydraulic operation, direct plunger or even solenoid actuated.


Ask us about the right type specific for your needs & save thousands in wasted chemical.

Stevco Drum Unloader


Very accurate dosing rates can be achieved


Many now available to interact with existing BMS systems


Many differing materials of construction to handle almost any fluid.


Very extensive ranges available


Many brands not economically repairable


Confusing Fluid & application compatibility


Requires extensive  plumbing setup for successful pumping.



Common brands serviced include;


Graco, Iwaki, Watson Marlow, Grundfos, Alldos, Prominent, Neptune, Griffco, PCM, Verder, Milton Roy, LMI, Lutz, Seepex, Mono