Prime Assisted De-watering Pumps

De-watering pumps are very robust pumps & commonly found on construction sites. The hire pump industry also prefer these units as a heavy duty asset that will generally stand up to untrained operators & misuse.


They are normally combined with a separate priming pump to ensure all gases are removed from the suction leg & can tolerate running dry for short periods if required.

Stevco Prime Assisted De-Watering Pump
Stevco Prime Assisted De-Watering Pump


Ease of use & setup due to external priming function.


Reasonable heads & flows at good operating efficiencies.


Can tolerate operator misuse & running dry for short periods.


Heavy duty construction & reliable operation.


Can operate on the ‘snore’ where suction levels are reduced to the Hose Inlet.


Expensive pumps to maintain & purchase.


Costly spare parts.


Deliveries usually beyond 6 weeks.

Common brands serviced include;


Pioneer, Cornell, Sykes, Gorman Rupp, Varisco, Prime Aire, Thompson Pump, Remko, Selwood, Holland, Xylem, Primax, Griffin, Allight