Peripheral Turbine Pumps

Also called “Regenerative Turbines” due to their nature of operation where the fluid travels in a circular motion from suction to discharge within each vane cavity.

This inter-circular motion causes energies to regenerate enabling pressure far greater than achieved by standard impellers of the same size.

Typically this allows for lower flow demands requiring medium to high heads with cool clean liquids such as boiler feed or jacking pump applications


Very Inexpensive.


Easy to replace.


Compact design.


Pulsation free flow.


Can operate with 40% air by volume in the fluid without losing prime.




The Impeller spins at high speed in a very close fitting casing with often less than 0.05mm clearance.


For this reason it is intolerable of;


   Contaminants or abrasives.


   Dead heading or Zero flow.


   Pressure shock or surges.


   Dry running.


   Continuous operation.