Double Suction Split Case Pumps

The biggest advantage these pumps have over all other centrifugal pump styles is its ‘Between Bearing’ design. This enables it to safely operate much larger impeller sizes & speeds.

Stevco Double Suction Pump
Stevco Double Suction Split Case Pump


Very stable operation with little to no shaft deflection.


Almost no axial thrust & a reduced NPSHr with impeller inlets on both sides.


Increased efficiencies as thrust loads are considerably reduced.


Capable of extremely large sizes & flows.



Generally double suction pumps are considerably more expensive as they are physically larger & heavier in construction.


More expensive to overhaul as they require two mechanical seals, glands, wear rings & are complicated to correctly seal the casing joint..


They are very sensitive to poor intake designs as uneven inlet flows will unbalance the axial thrust & normal hydraulic stability.


Common brands serviced include;


  ABS, Andritz, Ritz, Sulzer, Goulds, Paco, Grundfos, Bell & Gossett, TKL, Worthington, Standart,

Kirloskar, Allis Chalmers, KSB, Flowserve, Durco, Mather, Ruhrpumpen, Gwynnes, Ebara, Cornel, Allweiler